• The Foundation will consider applications for:

- 501(c)(3) charitable and fiscally sponsored organizations
- Capital campaigns
- Multi-year grants
- General operating grants

  • The Foundation will make grants to programs only in the seven county metro area (except for Environmental Grants)
  • The Foundation accepts no more than one proposal per year from each organization
  • After five consecutive years of giving to an organization, Marbrook will cease making grants to the organization for at least one year, per the Foundation’s phase-out policy
  • Minimum grant size is $5,000 (except for Environmental Grants)


We review grant proposals twice per year:


In the spring, the granting focus is on Support for Immigrants and Refugees.

Immigrants & Refugee Empowerment and Education

We fund programs serving Immigrants and Refugees in the seven county metro area.

Marbrook Foundation is interested in supporting initiatives or organizations that empower and create opportunity for new immigrants and refugees. Marbrook Foundation believes that addressing the opportunities and challenges that come with blending cultures, languages and beliefs strengthen our shared communities and contribute to the well-being of all citizens.

The Foundation is primarily interested in these focus areas with priority given to programs that share synergies between two or more of our grant making focus areas. We will consider only those programs that serve Immigrants and Refugees.

  • Culturally safe and conducive learning environments for youth.  These programs may include a focus on mindfulness
  • Intentional intercultural learning, and cross-cultural experiences
  • Life-skill development for youth and families
  • The development of skills for financial independence
  • Leadership development and empowerment in the community

We will not consider applications for:

  • Individual college and academic scholarships
  • Programs that provide only ESL services
  • Health clinics and medical treatment
  • Food shelves or food stamp programs
  • Affordable housing
  • Conferences and events
  • Start-up organizations
  • Grants directly to individuals



In the fall, the granting focus is on initiatives in two distinct areas: Arts, and Environment. Both areas will include letter of intent deadlines prior to the September 1st full application deadline.


Marbrook Foundation will accept letters of intent from arts programs and projects serving the Twin Cities metro area that provide culturally specific arts programming and/or intercultural arts programming. In 2018, grants will likely range between $5,000-$20,000.

These are the Foundation's priorities in the area of Arts with priority given to programs that share synergies between two or more of our grant making focus areas:

  • Projects and programs that foster cultural awareness and understanding

  • Projects and programs that encourage cross-cultural collaboration, community integration, and inclusion

  • Projects and programs that support work by professional artists


  • Project or program must include content that is culturally-specific (work representing a specific culture) and/or intercultural (collaborative work between individuals or groups representing different cultures)
  • A professional arts production, exhibit or showing for the general public in the Twin Cities metro area must be included. Wide-audience reach is prioritized
  • End result of project or program aimed at positive social impact and message for the greater community at large
  • Work Samples (exemplifying quality of work)

We will not fund:

  • Projects or programs providing arts access and/or education for youth as the primary activity
  • Start-up organizations
  • Grants directly to individuals

Letters of Intent may be submitted starting June 15th, and are due by July 15th via the Foundation’s online grant application system under 'How To Apply'. Invitations for full applications will be sent in early August and full applications will be due on September 1st.


The Foundation is currently working to develop the guidelines for this focus area and will post details in June 2018.